The technology of the WS

Are you interested in the technology of the Weihenstephan Standards? Here you can find out the technical details.

Communication interfaces

The mutual networking of plants and production machines as well as the connection of higher-level IT systems are prerequisites for the realization of digitalized production control and corporate management. In addition to the WS data points and the MES functionalities described as examples, the Weihenstephan standards define two options for data transmission. In addition to WS Protocol, a proprietary communication interface based on TCP/IP, WS OPC UA is available. In this, the WS data points are modeled and transferred in an information model for OPC UA.

Document structure

The Weihenstephan standards are divided into several documents. These include the communication interface specification, the content interface specification, documents on data evaluation and reporting, and on implementation verification. In addition, various software tools are available.

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WS Tools

The following WS tools are available for the implementation of WS projects.

Implementation Guide

With the Implementation Guide we want to show you basic information for the implementation of your WS projects. With the overview of available products from the members of the WS Industrieanwenderkreis you can quickly and easily find the right product for your application.

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Namespaces and prefices

Here you can request your own namespace and prefix to accurately identify your project/manufacturer specific data points.

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