WS Modeler

The WS Modeler is an Excel-based tool that documents the content of the interface specification of the Weihenstephan standards, supports the user in model configuration and offers the possibility to create node set files (for OPC UA) or device description files (for WS Protocol).

Definition of the WS Templates

The domain-specific WS templates contain the documentation of the WS data points, WS machines and WS machine profiles. If no domain is selected in the WS Modeler ("All Domains"), the overview of all data points available in the Weihenstephan standards is enabled.

WS Data Points
Documentation of the more than 440 uniformly and uniquely defined WS data points

WS Machines
Definition of a total of over 150 different domain-specific WS machines

WS Machine Profiles
Domain-specific permutation tables provide information on which data points are mandatory or recommended for which machine classes

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