Weihenstephan domains

The Weihenstephan Standards define a universally applicable communication interface based on WS OPC UA or WS Protocol for connecting machines and higher-level IT systems. In addition, required data points, their content and the further processing of these are specifically defined for the following areas:

Beverage filling and packaging lines

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Machines of the food industry

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Machines of the bakery industry

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Brewing processes

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Confectionery and chocolate machines

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Partners of the WS Industrial User Group

Technical Information

Here you will find detailed information about the technology behind the Weihenstephan Standards.
Learn more about the document structure, the communication protocols, the available WS Tools as well as information about the implementation and about namespaces and prefices.

  • Data transmission via OPC UA or WS Protocol (TCP/IP)
  • Available implementation guides and help
  • Registration of namespaces & prefices

WS Softwaretools:

  • WS Modeler
  • WS Edit
  • WS Testtool

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