WS Bake for the baking industry

The WS Bake domain covers machines and equipment of the baking industry and defines machine-specific information models as well as a corresponding evaluation recommendation. The beginnings of WS Bake date back to 2015, when a WS Protocol-based standard was developed for the baking industry. Now in September 2023 our new project "WS Bake Version 11" is about to start, which has the goal to transfer WS Bake into Version 11 and thus into a holistic and future proof OPC UA information model.

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WS Bake Version 11 – From data points to OPC UA information model

Something is happening in the world of Weihenstephan Standards:
With the release of WS Sweets, the Weihenstephan Standards have not only entered the confectionery industry, but WS Sweets is also the first WS domain available in Version 11 of the Weihenstephan Standards. With Version 11 we continue the independent development of a standard interface and at the same time more consequently use the technological possibilities to define future-proof information models based on OPC UA.

Due to the increasing demand from production and mechanical engineering companies in the bakery industry, our new project "WS Bake Version 11" is now about to start, which has the goal to further develop the WS domain Bake and also to transfer it into Version 11 and thus into a holistic OPC UA information model.

If you missed our information event for the new WS Bake Version 11 project, you can access the presentation materials here: Project introduction of WS Bake Version 11

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    WS Bake development in 2016

    In 2016, under the name "WS Bake", new industry-specific machine classes and data points were defined and evaluation recommendations were developed together with leading machine and equipment manufacturers in the baking industry, bakery manufacturers and associations. By incorporating years of practical experience of the project partners and with the preliminary work of existing Weihenstephan Standards, the new WS Bake domain also presents itself clearly and efficiently. At the same time, WS Bake continues to meet all the requirements that characterize the Weihenstephan Standards, such as uniform communication technologies, uniquely and uniformly defined WS data points, and thus contributes significantly to cost savings in engineering.

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