Scope of WS documents and software tools

The Weihenstephan Standards currently include the following documents and software tools:

Content interface specification

  • "WS Structure – Structural interface specification" (version 10.01)
  • "WS Modeler" (version WS.10.01 Modeler V1.0.01)

Data evaluation and reporting

  • "WS Pack – Data Evaluation and Reporting" (version 10.01)
  • "WS Food – Data Evaluation and Reporting (version 10.01)
  • "WS Bake – Data Evaluation and Reporting" (version 10.01)


  • "WS Acceptance – Verification and Safe Operation" (version 10.01)
  • "WS Schema" (version 10.01) – XSD schema for verification of WS protocol XML device description files

Software Tools

  • "WS Modeler" (WS.10.01 Modeler V1.0.1)
  • "WS Edit" (version 2.5.6)
  • "WS Testtool" (version 2.05)

WS Brew

WS Brew is still under revision and is not yet available in version 10.01. WS Brew is available in version 09.01 and includes the following documents:

  • "WS Brew – Specification of the Interface Content" (version 09.01)
    PDF document with data point definitions for WS Brew, available in English only
  • "WS_Brew_Library.09.01" (version 09.01)
    XML data point library for use in WS Edit
  • "WS Brew – Data Evaluation and Reporting" (version 09.01)
    PDF document with evaluation recommendations for WS Brew, only available in English