ProSweets Cologne 2022 Presentation: WS Sweets develops the future-proof IoT interface for the confectionery industry for you

Learn more about WS Sweets in the presentation Weihenstephan Standards for transparent and efficient confectionery production exclusive for ProSweets 2022 trade fair in Cologne.

Follow the presentation of Romy Ries and Dr. Tobias Voigt on Youtube (open YouTube Player).

WS Sweets for machines in the confectionery industry

In the current WS Sweets project, an industry-specific communication standard for the confectionery industry is being developed together with confectionery production companies, machine manufacturers and IT system providers. The basis for this is formed by the Weihenstephan standards, which, in addition to standardized data transmission based on OPC UA or WS protocol, also define concrete data content for different machine classes and thus significantly simplify line integration.

The starting point for the work on this new WS domain is the ChoConnect Showcase. Here, a simulated chocolate bar production line was used to demonstrate the simple and standardized machine networking of different manufacturers based on OPC UA was demonstrated for the first time. For more information on the ChoConnect Showcase, see Video ChoConnect (open YouTube Player)..

The WS Sweets project started on June 01, 2021 and other interested companies are welcome to join!

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