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The WS Edit Tool is used for time-efficient and largely automated creation of XML device description files (PDACONFIG.XML). The XML file is described by an XSD schema, which precisely defines the structure, semantics and minimum requirements. In the WS Edit Tool, the corresponding standard library is loaded, depending on the WS Domain, and data points can be defined individually for single machines. The mandatory data points are preselected and any other data points can be added. Of course, it is also possible to define company- or project-specific data points (cf. prefix).


  • Creation of machine profiles (PDACONFIG.XML)
  • Definition of machine data points (mandatory & optional data points
  • Management and addition of company and project specific data points or libraries
  • Definition of lists
  • Definition of ports & command sets


Numerous members of the WS Industrial User Group offer solutions and products for implementing the XML device description files on machine controllers.
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